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by Ian on Dec.31, 2009, under Announcements

It’s the end of 200X. Now, we begin a new decade. I hope, as you too probably hope, that it goes smoothly… or at least than the last. While we aren’t where we thought we’d be, individually, as a country, or as a world, we have still moved forward more than back.

Here’s to the New Year! To the New Decade! May 2010 be everything you hope and more!

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Why Starting is Hard [for Me]

by Ian on Dec.30, 2009, under Projects, Rants

I hate starting projects.

The first line of code typed, the first paragraph of an essay or a story authored, or the first scribble on a fresh sheet of paper starts defining the product; it destroys the superposition of the possible things the project may become. With each stroke of the key or pen, thousands upon thousands of outcomes are pruned away.

I am destroying infinite works that could have been to create just one. Is this one better than those which will never be? Does it deserve its existence more than its brothers do?

I hope so.

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I Am Not Really Sure To Be Honest…

by Ian on Dec.15, 2009, under Stories

I am not 100% certain what made me come up with this.  I wanted to capture how I feel on some mornings after I have been pulling all nighters on a project… I wanted to show you how the thoughts form and feel inside my head.  It is a little painful on the eyes to read. That’s intentional, but I am a neophyte in the realm of graphic design, so I may have made it too hard in my gusto to complete it.  Feed back is, of course, welcome.

CAUTION! There are nasty naughty curse words in this thing, so consider yourself duly warned if that sort of thing bothers you!

Click to read!

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