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Chugging Along

by Ian on May.21, 2009, under Announcements, Links, Projects

Ok, so I am trying to keep up the momentum and get as much stuff fixed/posted on this site before life catches up with me. I finally got the Musical Curves applet Brett Dutro and I wrote online.  You can find that here.  Also, I wrote a fairly lengthy tutorial post on working with sound in Flash.  I tried some new and time consuming formatting with it, and for the most part I like it.  I need to modify the look of the code viewer I found so it clashes with the background less, but I think it is ok for now. bannerfail(If you have any suggestions for a better code viewer with automatic syntax highlighting, let me know.)  You can find that page here.  I am not going to post tutorials on any sort of regular basis, they will get up there as I am motivated to write them.   

Oh, I saw the strangest banner ad on Facebook today for ancestry.com, so I saved a copy of it to post here.  I know what they were trying to do with the banner, but it really just came off as a creepy man trying to kiss a baby.  

On a more serious note, the site itself is great if you want to learn more about your genealogy, and  its World Archives Project is rather ambitious, and a very good use of crowdsourcing(everyone loves buzzwords).  

Crowdsourcing, if you haven’t heard of it, is the act of dividing a task that is either too large for an in-house team to complete, or too complex for a computer to churn through up and disseminating it to a large number people, usually via the Internet.  It is essentially a wetware version of cloud computing.  Kinda cool, right? Another interesting crowdsourcing site is Innocentive; a crowdsourced R&D company specializing in sciences and engineering.  They post problems from companies, and the crowd responds with a solution.  If the solution is considered appropriate, the supplier gets a fairly hefty reward.  

Well that is more or less all I have for today.  Before I go here are a couple interesting links.  (This is going to become a regular thing I think, so even if my posts aren’t interesting you will have somewhere interesting to go.)

Download Chip’s Challenge - A great puzzle game that was on the Atari and the Microsoft Entertainment Pack.

http://soytuaire.labuat.com/ - Greatest use of Flash that I have seen in a while. Amazingly creative!

And with that, I bid you good day.


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