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One is never too old to play with Legos. I have been collecting Legos for most of my life. I have amassed a very large variety of pieces, including discontinued parts from knock off companies like Rivitek and Megablocks, which gives me a lot of flexibility and lets me make jut about whatever I want… with one downside, I have a very small amount of each color. Further, my collection spans two decades and at least three companies, so the shade of each color changes depending on the era and brand. It doesn’t really bother me anymore, I am just giving you a heads up about why the color schemes of some of my creations is a bit off. Without further ado, here they are!

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Dog FIght
An old .gif of the lego turret panning.

An old .gif of the lego turret panning.

Legos are awesome! Spaceships are awesome! So what are Lego spaceships? Double Awesome! I built these space ships back in high school. I would semi-regularly build one or two massive ships and a handful of fighters and simulate a space battle, culminating in the complete destruction of all the ships involved.


Mobile Anti-Orbital Insertion System

You never can have too many tools.
Drivin' Down the Highway...
Side View
So Many Fuel Lines
Heavy Particle Cannon - Stored
Engines Ready!
Mobile Command Center -Packed
I Feel Short
Pseudo-Artsy View of MCC
Long Range Comm Array
The Transition Shot
MCC - Unpacked
Fork Liftin'
HPC - Active
Another Transition Shot
Initializing Tracking Program v. rev. C... Ready!
$945 Million of Quality
Compared to me the HAL 9000 is a mere calculator' - ARIMIS 4
The looming threat of Global Armageddon have you down? Tired of living off of baked beans in your 11′x7′ bunker? Say goodbye to the planet-wide extinction of humanity and hello to the Mobile Anti-orbital insertiOn (MAO, pronounced like mayo) system, the finest in ground based orbital defense. Utilizing the brand new ARTIMIS 4 hypercomputer to track and classify up to 11,000 simultaneous targets, MAO will keep the skies clear of pesky asteroids, ICBMs, foreign spacecraft, and so much more! Rest easy with MAO!” -Nexus Defense Systems Brochure

While I was setting up this page I got the urge to break out my legos and see what I could build. I am really proud of the Mobile Command Center. It was quite a feat to get it to fold up neatly and not fall apart on me! I was lucky that I had a few Rivitek panels left!

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