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Still Alive!

by Ian on May.16, 2011, under Announcements, Life

So this last semester was hectic! Trying to graduate, you know? Well it looks like I succeeded!

Redacted the mailing address and some info you don't need. :P

Redacted the mailing address and some info you don't need. :P

This means that I’ll be moving out to San Francisco, California at the end of June and starting work as a Software Engineer at Zynga at the start of July!  In the meantime I am going to try to work through my backlog of projects, so you should be seeing more in this space soon.

For now I’ll share a quick video of an AI project I worked on this past semester:

It was definitely a fun little challenge to make an AI that can play Mario! Hopefully I can find some to tinker with this sort of thing some more.

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Don’t Worry…

by Ian on Jun.16, 2009, under Announcements

…I still love you guys.

I just wanted to appologize for the complete lack of updates lately.  I am still adjusting to the schedule my new job imposes on me, but once I can get a handle on things, there is a lot I want to post.  Further, my productivity has been rather low because my laptop is finally getting fixed (the screen has more or less been detached from it for two months).  I have a netbook on loan, but as neat as it is, it is a pain to do any major dev work or writing on. 

Yeah, that’s all I have except to gush about my new job. 

Ok, since you are still reaaing I’ll take it that you want to know.  Small software companies, especially video game companies are just wonderful to work for.  HiRez Studios is no exception.  If the work isn’t fun, it is at least interesting, the people are just great, and lunch is provided 3 days a week (who doesn’t love free food).  So even though it is a 45 minute drive from my  house and really cuts into my “being a lazy slob”, I am glad I got an internship there.


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