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DIY part 2

by Ian on May.26, 2009, under Image Dump, Links, Projects

Wow, the renovations of that sketchy room have really taken off! I was unable to give Davin a hand yesterday, but he was able to get all of the major walls up, and the rest of the ceiling installed. Today we disassembled my ball pit, transported it to his house, and repurposed the wood to make an entry way to the lounge/ball pit, and a nifty little seating nook. Walling the nook was interesting… in a horrible way. I had to spend way too much time in a cramped, dark gap to fasten the rear wall on, while trying to not get Tetanus from the decaying ceiling. The work is going to be worth it in the end! I had to leave early to get some work done, so even more has likely been completed. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to head over tomorrow to help finish it up.

Where did all of the balls go?
There they are!
The Culprit!
I used a lot of these to put it together...
Another Bad Plan Working
The New Entry Way
A Few Walls and Some More Ceiling
It is there in case you hit your head...
Cool Little Chair Nook
I hope you enjoyed that. Here are a few links in case you didn’t. (or did, but want to see some other cool things.)


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by Ian on May.24, 2009, under Image Dump, Links, Projects

Well today was interesting! I have been itching to work on something real lately, luckily Davin was beginning work to transform a nasty storage area under his stairs into a lounge/ball pit. Quite a job! He had already gotten it as clean as it was going to get and removed a lot of rotted drywall and I am very glad I missed that part.

Work is moving along at a decent pace. Today we were able to get the carpet and part of the ceiling in; Tomorrow we are hoping to get enough of it finished to put the couch in. Then we’ll put in the rest of the walls, lights, and of course the balls. That’s all for now, enjoy these pictures of our work day.

Free Wood is Good Wood
A Blurry Davin Says Hello before the Build
Who Gave Me a Saw
The Ceiling is [Mostly] In!
Something's Wrong Here...
Stud to Stud Carpeting

Thanks for Reading! Check back again soon for more updates.


P.S. Speaking of construction, here are some amazing unique materials:

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