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Playing around with Flash

by Ian on Mar.28, 2010, under Projects

I have always been interested in the creative process. What really intrigues me isn’t the end products: movies, art video games, etc. Don’t get me wrong I am greatly intrigued by what goes into a finished idea., but the transient creations, the forgotten sparks of originality are what really intrigues me.

I think of this as the personal creative process. It gets the creative juices flowing, as they say. It doesn’t produce anything in itself, it may not even be a creative idea on its own, but it sews the seeds for a creative idea later on down the road, even if one can’t remember the act.

I have pages and pages of little ideas I want to explore to see if I can create tools, toys or gadgets that help foster the personal creative process. Let me know what you think of my little toys, the first is below:

Click in the white box below, and then press (nearly) any key on your keyboard to create a little patten. It is a work in progress, but it is finished enough to show. Hope you enjoy it.

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I Am Not Really Sure To Be Honest…

by Ian on Dec.15, 2009, under Stories

I am not 100% certain what made me come up with this.  I wanted to capture how I feel on some mornings after I have been pulling all nighters on a project… I wanted to show you how the thoughts form and feel inside my head.  It is a little painful on the eyes to read. That’s intentional, but I am a neophyte in the realm of graphic design, so I may have made it too hard in my gusto to complete it.  Feed back is, of course, welcome.

CAUTION! There are nasty naughty curse words in this thing, so consider yourself duly warned if that sort of thing bothers you!

Click to read!

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