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It’s Getting There

by Ian on May.31, 2009, under Announcements, Comics

You may or may not have noticed the comic link up at the top of the page.  I started an online comic based on a game I am working on a couple weeks ago. So far I only have 2 pages up, but I should have the third up on Monday.  It is a little unusual; it has no words in it at all. No dialog. No sound effects. No text.  This makes it quite a challenge to write, albeit a fun one.  I feel that comics are a primarily visual medium, and I want to see how much I can convey purely through images.  I want the “reader” to imagine his or her own dialog and sound effects.  Hopefully it goes well, right now it is too early to tell.

While I primarily want to create an entertaining, humorous comic, I have some auxiliary goals with this comic as well, including:


  • Enhance my technical skills: perspective, pacing, shading, inking, etc.
  • Become a better story teller.
  • Be able to draw consistently on a schedule.


Hopefully you enjoy You Just Lost The Comic.  I am having a lot of fun making it. :) Also, I am still on track to get my semi-serious Sci-fi comic up by mid-August, so get ready for that. lol  


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A Wild ‘New Section’ Appeared!

by Ian on May.19, 2009, under Links, Projects

What will you do?
No silly! Go check it out! (requires microphone)

I only have one game up now, but I am working on more.  If my summer schedule stays relatively light, I should have a game every week - week and a half up here. Hopefully I won’t eat my words!  

If that isn’t your style, here are a couple links you might find entertaining instead:
Keyboard Cat plays off Stephen Colbert
An interesting article on the New Coke fiasco - (fantastic website by the way, its title is definitely no exaggeration)

Well that is all I have for tonight! 


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Something to pass the time

by Ian on May.19, 2009, under Image Dump, Links


Just in case you needed another little distraction in your life, I found this neat little warning label generator.  I have also been messing around with Flash the last couple of days, and I should have a game or two up on this site soon, so keep a lookout for that. I haven’t forgotten about my other projects, I just have a little more free-time than usual since I am not taking classes this summer. (I am working, but that is still less of a time commitment than classes. lol)  Maybe I’ll actually finish posting all of the other junk I have been meaning to get up here while I am at it!

One more thing. I just found the cable for connecting my camera to my laptop, so I thought I would share two images with you.  

I also got to go see Nightwish in concert last week, and I naively atempted to snap a picture of them performing... It almpost worked.

I also got to go see Nightwish in concert last week, and I naively attempted to snap a picture of them performing... It almost worked.


A Maneki Neko (good luck cat) I got from the FIRST robotics team I mentored. I might be unable to help them next year because of other obligations, so they are wishing me luck.

Catch ya later!


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Back From GDC, Back to School

by Ian on Mar.29, 2009, under Announcements


A quick panorama of the San Franisco skyline fron the conventon center.

A quick panorama of the San Franisco skyline fron the conventon center.

Well, the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference was a blast.  I learned a ton, saw some cool new techs (like OnLive), got a lot of inspiration, and did a bit of this “networking” thing.  Now it is back to classes… 

I think I can call this site more or less live now.  A couple pages need some more content, are broken, or need to be updated, but the majority are up.  I am especially happy that I finally got the photomosaic program I wrote in Flash ages ago online

One last thing before I head off to bed.  Congratulations to the WiredCats, team 2415, for winning first place at another FIRST regional event! Championships here we come!!

The Wiredcats, team 2415, scoring.

The WiredCats, team 2415, scoring.

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